Law “On Entrepreneurs and Companies”

lawsLaw “On Entrepreneurs and Companies” regulate the status of the trader, the establishment and administration of business, rights and obligations of founders, partners and shareholders, the reorganization and liquidation of companies.
Companies are collective companies, partnerships companies, limited liability companies and joint stock companies.
Entrepreneurs and companies registered in the National Registration Center, in accordance with this Law and the Law no.9723, dated 05.03.2007 “On National Registration Center”, as amended.
Entrepreneurs and companies maintain accounting books, design and publish financial data and reports on the state of progress of activities, including audit reports of independent auditors in accordance with the law on accounting and financial statements. Unless otherwise provided, the court referred to in this law is the section of trade relevant judicial district court under the provisions of Articles 334 to 336 of the Code of Civil Procedure.
Provisions that require giving information on the company website on the Internet, can be implemented through the establishment of a direct computer link to the page on the Internet, where the National Registration Center publishes information relevant dealer or company.

Law “On Securities”


This Law will determine types of securities, regulate the manner of and conditions for issuance, trading and registration, identification and performance of transactions in securities and persons and individuals authorized to perform transactions with securities, the conditions for the organization of the public trading of securities, the protection of investors and the securities-right holders, and the conditions for dematerialized securities, the organization and functioning of securities registries, exchanging and regulation of the securities market.


Regulation “On the licensing and supervision of the securities exchange”

Legal Base and Scope
1. This rule is issued in accordance with the Article 78, paragraph. 3, article 81, para.1, article 86, paragraph.1, and article 88, para.1 of the Law No. 9879, date. 21 February, 2008, “On Securities”, and in accordance with the power given to the Financial Supervisory Authority by the Law No. 9572, date. 3 July 2006 “On the Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority”.

2. The scope of this regulation is to provide for:
a. conditions, requirements and procedures for the licensing of a company operating
b securities exchange, and;
c. regulation and supervision of the maintenance of such conditions and requirements by the company operating a securities exchange;

3. Terms “securities exchange” and “company operating a securities exchange” shall be used interchangeably;


Law “On Collective Investment Undertakings”

The purpose of this law is to regulate the: a) conditions and criteria for the establishment, constitution and operation of collective investment undertakings and of management companies; b) issue and sale of units and shares; c) redemption of units; ç) promotion of collective investment undertakings; d) activities carried out by third parties on behalf of collective investment undertakings; dh) Financial Supervision Authority supervision of the operation of collective investment undertakings, management companies, depositories and persons engaged in the sale of units and shares, required to be supervised under this Law; e) operation of foreign collective investment undertakings and foreign management companies in the Republic of Albania; ë) fair functioning of the capital market and promotion of the free movement of capital through adoption of rules.